Family Literacy Celebrates Fall

Halloween can be a fun holiday for craft projects with a good deal of language involved. Yes, fantasma (ghost)—I get to pick up some new language as well!

A KAP spooky tree with ghosts added.

In KAP (Knowledge As Power) Family Literacy, we started our Halloween projects with a black construction paper tree put on the wall with a re-positionable glue stick. This glue stick turns any paper into a sticky note and is not supposed to harm the walls. We will test that at the end of the season. The children added stickers on the wall and tree. This week, we added ghosts.

To make the ghosts we used coffee filters with one large cotton ball and a rubber band creating a head and flowing body. The face and extras were drawn on with markers. We again used the re-positionable glue stick to attach them to the wall.

Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin

Three children in LV-A’s KAP family literacy program with their tree and decorations.

It will be an adventure to see what goes on the tree next.

—Sue Reilly, LV-A Child Educator

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