Who Is This Suave, Masked Man?

Literacy Volunteers Androscoggin Tutor

Literacy Volunteers Androscoggin Tutor Perrin Lumbert

Behind the artistic self-portrait is a man that is familiar to many in the L/A community. You may know Perrin Lumbert as an intrepid procurer of academic research materials and adventurous traveler, but did you also know that he is a skilled Literacy Volunteers tutor? Below is a short interview with Perrin regarding his most recent experience as a tutor.

Many people find the idea of serving as a volunteer tutor intriguing, but daunting. They worry that they will fail to help their students reach their all too critical goals. Perrin went through the same doubts when he first signed up to become a Literacy Volunteer, but he pushed forward due to his love of language and his desire to help.

People question whether the lack of a teaching degree will hamper their ability to be a successful tutor, but many are drawn to volunteer due to positive, past experiences where they provided some type of instruction. For Perrin, it was teaching photography classes to large groups of people, some of whom did not speak English. He drew on this experience as well as his minor in linguistics and a certification course to work with English language learners. Most individuals have had the opportunity to teach someone informally, whether it be helping their children with their homework or training someone at work.

Perrin’s student was a woman from Brazil who immigrated to the States. She wanted to qualify for a decent job and needed to improve her English in order to pass a C.N.A class. After a year of hard work on both of their parts, she met her goal, scoring 97 points on her final exam. Perrin said that he initially doubted that he could be an effective tutor, but found he enjoyed the experience and could be a real help to his student.

When asked what he had learned from his student, he explained that they were about the same age, and she reminded him that new challenges could be faced at any age. He said that it was never too late to take risks, study and learn.


Become a Literacy Volunteer tutor. Learn the simple but effective methods developed by Literacy Volunteers for teaching adults and help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

Our next Tutor Training Workshop will be held on two consecutive Saturdays, January 31 and February 7, 2015, at Bates College. Pre-registration is required. Visit www.literacyvolunteersandro.org/Tutor for information and an application or call 207-333-4785 or email: literacy@literacyvolunteersandro.org.

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