Seasons of Life

Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin

Androscoggin between Auburn and Lewiston
Photo by Elizabeth Scott

Grey clouds above us, what do you hold in store for us? Will it be rain, sleet, or snow? Will we feel the cold wet mist that comes from the slightly icy river? We play near the river bank as we build our snowmen. Months go by and the snowmen begin to melt. Winter breaks for another season.

A new season awakes. The new start of life is waking up. As the last bit of snow melts and goes away, the tips of green grass begin to peep out from the ground. The trees slowly bud with their beauty which shows pure amazement as the birds and bees come our way. Some come from very faraway places.

As more time goes by, summer arrives. More people will enjoy the summer with a picnic. Maybe they will go fishing or cool off by going into the water for a dip. The summer events are very fun, even for the bugs that make one heck of a cloud above your heads, as we sweat. But that ok, because for fall will come and the bugs will be no more.

As fall takes its turn, we are at the end for the four seasons we see beauty in the trees from all the leases are changing to a variety of colors. Many different colors that come to be beings the colorful ground as the leases fall. As the cold chilly air comes and the nights get colder the moon smile at us a bit brighter as the cold put all the living things to sleep we end our four seasons with a new begin.

By Elizabeth Scott, inspired by her husband

Literacy Volunteers Androscoggin

Elizabeth Scott and her LV-A tutor Linda Connally

Elizabeth Scott, although she loved school, was rarely able to attend due to an abusive home-life, then a host of moves to various foster homes. When life became more stable and she was finally in a place where she could go to school regularly, she was enrolled in the fifth grade. School was no longer a joy as she struggled with so many gaps in her education. She graduated from high school with minimal reading skills.

Once she became a mom and her son entered the public school system, Elizabeth recognized that she needed to improve her reading skills in order to help her child succeed in school. She connected with a Literacy Volunteers tutor and has been working hard on her education ever since.

Today, Elizabeth is able to help her son with his school work, and she has become a published poet.

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