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Reading With a Young Child

March 11, 2014

Reading with a young child is an exciting experience. The first thing to do is let go of the idea that a child will sit, listen, and look at the pictures and words. A very young child can take devouring a book quite literally. Haven’t we all seen well-chewed edges on board books? This is normal pre-reading behavior in “the world according to the mouth” stage — around six to nine months of age.

Sue reads to  HabibaAs a child grows a little older, it is often the pictures that are of interest. Look at the pictures with the child; point out details according to the youngster’s interests. Don’t stop reading—even if the child wanders off to play. A toddler can still be listening and may wander back. If you sense that your audience has lost interest, put the book aside for a while, but leave it where it can be found. Have books handy for quite times in every room in the house.

Literacy Volunteers

Letting a child know that you value reading is important. Let your child see you reading. It can be a book, a magazine, the newspaper or a cookbook. It is never too early to let a child know that reading is for pleasure as well as for information.

— Sue Reilly, LV-A Child Educator